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Extracts from the interview of the Special Envoy of the President of the Russian Federation on Afghanistan Mr. Zamir N. Kabulov

Moscow never hastened the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. But since the US Army there has come to nothing, let them leave Afghanistan. The American campaign in Afghanistan...

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Explaining Russian Policy on Syria

All we have been doing is aimed at creating the most secure conditions possible for our country’s development, international projects and human contacts. Here, our common enemy is international...

Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov on the Efforts of the Russian Federation to Resolving Syrian Crisis (02.09.2016)

We are fighting against terrorism, working to create a truly universal antiterrorism front, as President Putin proposed at last year’s session of the UN General Assembly. For several weeks...

Interview of the Ambassador of Russia to Pakistan H.E. Alexey Dedov to the 'Diplomatic Insight' magazine, June 2014

“Without any condition here we are your allies in the full sense of the word” was how Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin conveyed his warm feelings to his Pakistani counterpart Yousaf Raza Gilani

Interview of the Ambassador of Russia to Pakistan H.E.Alexey Dedov to the 'Ambassador' magazine, June 2014

Question.: Your Excellency, you have been designated as the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Pakistan. How is your experience here and how did you find Pakistan and its people?..